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9 Things On My Mind...

Well, there are a ton of things on my mind all the time like...








Travel plans - get that passport renewed!

The woodpecker pecking into my house :/

Why my puppy keeps eating our shoes?!

Being that this blog is about my writing and my writing goals, I want to share 9 things on my mind these past weeks.

1) To the publishers and agents I have recently sent my manuscripts out to - Where ya at?! #amquerying Either way! I'd love an update. No words (up to 6 months) can be such good news so I am trying not to get my hopes up too high.

2) So excited I won a free manuscript critique on a writing group site! #pbchat Now which one to send in?? The critiquing author mainly writes NF which is not my genre. Thinking... Thinking...

3) I got a "like" from a publisher during a recent twitter pitch event. YAY!!! #pbpitch I need to prep that package and get that sent off ASAP!

4) Meeting with my critique group next week. I need to finish my recent edits! I'd love feedback to then be able to address #2 and #3 above. And, obvi, I want to read their fabulous works. Always inspirational. #critiquegroups

5) So overdue with reviewing a wonderful author's and friend's manuscript for her portfolio.

6) Need to send out 5 more agent requests and 5 more publisher requests. Gotta keep the energy flowing.

7) Narrow down and make a final decision about a writing program for 2022 to improve my writings skills and build my network. This one I have decided on actually. (I am going to do 12x12 Challenge - 12 books in 12 months. Who will join me?)

8) Keep my ideas fresh for new manuscripts. I have a new one brewing already. (There's that challenge with time again...) I see a writing retreat in my future. Hmmmm...

9) Keep posting and growing my social media presence b/c it is fun! And that's where many learn and find out about books and new authors. @readhelentanner

xoxo - H

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