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Did You Have a Productive January?

6 things that helped me nail my January goals. #goalsetter #womanwithaplan

1) Hired a nutritionist. Yep. It was time - my health has gotten a bit out of whack. Even though my degrees are in nutrition and public health AND I am an practicing PA with focus on preventive care, I was having a really hard time "practicing what I preach." From healthier habits to accountability, seeing a registered dietician @happybodywellness has been helpful. Slow changes but good ones. (And, so thankful insurance pays for this! Check your insurance - most plans now cover nutrition and wellness appts. It's not well advertised.) #selfcare

2) Found accountability for my goals. Joined 12x12 Picture Book Challenge #12x12pb I am more serious that ever to improve my writing craft and increase my writing time. Challenging myself to write 12 picture book manuscripts in 12 months is a preeeeetty good way to go about the above goals. So far I have one new manuscript in draft form and another on the way. Yay! #ontrack

3) Enlisted help from a professional to help elevate my game. Invested in an editor. (Thank you @reedsy.) My background is in technical/scientific writing and grants. I know I need a little help to soften and evolve my story telling. My most promising manuscript, IMO, felt as strong as I could get it from critique partners and trusted beta readers. It was time for the big guns. #amediting

4) Expanded my network. Locally and nationally. Working as a PA-C, being a mom, being a working out-of-the-house mom, being involved in kids activities, there are lots of FB groups that offer connection through these avenues. I have found new writer friends who are practicing PAs across the nation. I also love my local writer friends and have continued to expand on that group. #authornetwork

5) Started something new - a fun weekly IG post of #fridayfaves for authors and readers. Enjoying this so much. Fave books, fave reader gifts, fave author treats. @readhelentanner Thank you #planoly.

6) Planned a big vacation for our family that includes language immersion, service and play. I cannot wait! Time with family. Time to further language skills. Time to serve others and give back - together as a family. Time to see a new part of the world. Time for new inspiration. #seetheworld

Truthfully, I write this post to remind myself that I really was productive. Because, most days, I felt the opposite. Stretched thin, running behind, like I would never reach my goals. Majority of the time, my goal-setting (and goal-meeting) were quick thoughts at stoplights, during lunch to remind myself or in the school pick up line: Do this. Send that. Schedule that - after kids are in bed or during their 'whatever' practice.

I don't have a beautiful spreadsheet with color-coded goals and steps to get there. I have a Word document that I created one afternoon in Dec. It's filled with thoughts, ideas, wants and needs. These have turned into my goals.

So, I write this to encourage all who are reading. Take a few minutes the end of the day, month, quarter to assess how much you have completed and all the things you have accomplished. Write it down, tell someone or just take a deep breath and feel great that you are moving forward. Keep on keepin' on. Productivity feels good!

xoxo - H

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