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It’s Time to Choose a Rain Date.

Earlier this week, I was driving to work and I could not shake the knot in my stomach. So. Much. To. Do.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful. #Thankful for it all. A loving hubby. Healthy kids. A good job. Kids in school. Happy for ALL the activities. New opportunities. Safety. Pending the state of world, I can’t complain.

But, with all of that, I just can’t shake my angst in regards to my writing goals. These past two months, I have not moved forward like I'd hoped. I want to do so much but my creative juices are dry. My time is spent. Social is overwhelming me as I see others moving forward yet I feel like blow-drying my hair is a win these days. Anyone else?

In the midst of these feelings while driving to work, one of my fav podcasts, BEFORE BREAKFAST with LauraVanderkam (a 3-5 minute podcast with tips and management advice) aired an episode on “Choosing a Rain Date.” @lvanderkam

Basically, the idea comes from events. Big events always have secondary event dates in case of a rain out – weddings, graduations, etc… They are planned and people are notified. Anxiety and worry is eased with a set back up date.

Well, this can also be applied in our lives when life gets to be too much and priorities need shifting. Instead of stressing, create a rain date. Create a purposeful time to do exactly what you were going to do – at a later time. Then you can look forward to getting things done versus feeling like you are failing at your goals.

So that is what I did! I made a rain date (or rain month, really) for all things PB. A date when my calendar was light and could be reserved for my creative time. It was exactly the “permission” and guidance I needed to hear. Don’t you just love that?!

And, shout out to my local author crew @blairwilliamson @laurenoakey who also knew just the words to say and affirmations to give, “Yes! Just wait a bit. Recharge and restart. “

It seems so easy to do. Why couldn’t I just figure this out myself? Not sure… But, in an industry as intense as the #kidlit publishing industry, sometimes it’s easy to get mixed up in FOMO and feel that time slipping away, rather than look at the big picture.

Anyways… so if you follow me on social, you may have noticed my lack of posting and delay. I am still here! My rain date is in early June. See ya then

xoxo - h

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