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Spring Fling Writing Contest

Trying something new!

This is my first time to enter the Spring Fling Writing Contest. Thank you to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O'Neal for this opportunity and your support of #kidlit writers.

The requirements include writing a kid-friendly spring-themed story (inspired by a spring-themed gif) with a beginning, middle and end in less than 150 words. Check it out here:

A little background to my story. Succulents have been the backdrop of my life since I was young. Growing up in South Texas, cacti were frequently seen embedded with the palm trees along the roads. However, it wasn't until I moved to Arizona that I truly appreciated the beauty of the vast desert landscape filled with cacti. Prickly pear cacti are one of my favorite. Stunning yellow, orange and pink blooms blossom over the landscape for just a few days at the end of spring. It's fabulous! They also produce a purple fruit, called tuna, that can be boiled into a sweet juice used for flavoring drinks. YUM! The sweet, yet determined main character in my story is Nopal which means cactus in Spanish. I hope you enjoy my desert spring story.



On Prickly Pear Ranch, Cactus Alley was lush with rows of green prickly cacti. Together, they thrived producing the most beautiful blooms for a few short days each spring.

The loneliest prickly pear, Nopal, was planted near the far creek where she was always water logged. No one bloomed there. Ever.

Nopal had one friend, Big Blue, a blue heron who always stood on one leg contemplating his next meal.

After years of not blooming, Nopal dreamed up a plan with Big Blue.

The spring rains came. For days, it rained. The creek rose. She became so soggy, she told Big Blue it was now or never.

Peck. Peck. Peck.





“Hi, I’m Nopal.”

“Hi Nopal,” said hundreds of prickly pear.

The next spring, Nopal proudly lifted high her yellow bloom as Big Blue soared through the prickly pears of Cactus Alley.

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