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Why I'm Smiling Big Today...

I set a goal and completed it!

August 1st was the date I set to start sending my work out for consideration by literary agents and/or publishers. I decided to focus on getting an agent so I submitted to 7 agents this weekend. Agents that seem in line with the passion/theme for one of my "most ready" manuscripts. This story also addresses a very current topic - children overcoming adverse events - particularly immigrant trauma. I chose that manuscript to lead my agent requests.

Additionally, I went ahead and submitted to 4 publishers. I may have put the cart before the horse by doing that but the desired topics of manuscripts were too similar to mine to pass up. So, we will see how that goes. The more I read, if you are transparent and honest, things typically work out.

Time for a new goal.

Keep writing. As I wait to hear responses, which will most likely be no's - per industry standard, I will continue to write.

I did something else today that deserves a big toothy smile.

I pitched my manuscript to an editor of a publishing house for the first time - zoom face to zoom face . As part of the SCBWI national children's book conference this weekend, there were limited opportunities to pitch to editors to get feedback and revisions. It was a scramble to attend because my clinic day ended the same times this started. But, despite being 6 minutes late, I was still allowed in the zoom call.

I learned a lot in my 8 minute opportunity and already like my pitch much better! So, YAY!

So, I'll try to remember this smiley day on days I'm feeling blue from rejection.

Because I know it will happen. Hopefully only to turn into another smiley yay day soon after!

They say joy is found in the climb itself, right?!

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